January 11, 2020

Vacuum Casting – Low series production

Vacuum casting allows perfect reproduction of SLA 3D printed or existing master forms in a wide range of polyurethane materials.

With vacuum casting, we are able to produce the highest quality prototypes for our customers. We produce low- and medium- series quickly for custom projects from appropriate materials.

Vacuum casting for low and medium series production avoids the cost of fabricating extremely expensive injection molding tools. It allows to produce of 20-200 series batches more cost effective than injection molding.

Our technology allows to produce plastic parts wich fit in up to a 400 x 400 x 400 mm cube.

Send us the model you want to produce in STL, STEP or other 3D CAD format or by existing master sample send it as a package, and we will make a quote for you. The first sample pieces are completed within one week from the order, and depending on the size of the series, the ordered quantity will be completed within a few weeks.

The price of a typical product is around 5-25 €/piece from 20 pieces batch size series.

Request an exact quote for your product at the email address below!